Renovations day 1

Day 1. The fun part. Ripping out all the old and damp and decaying kitchens and cupboards. Stripping off all curtain rails, wiring, nails and tiles. Breaking through all the old dry walling that used to separate all the areas for all the different tenants. Cleaning up the overgrown garden and removing uneeded greenery. The […]

Solar Equipment

Solar equipment has been delivered and is waiting for installation once everything is ready. We will be using the following equipment: 5K Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 Inverter 4 x 255w Trina Solar Panels 4 x Ritar 12V 260AH Batteries Blue Sol MPPT150/35 Solar Charge Controllers I hope this is going to be enough to run a smallish […]

First images

The project starts with old home that has been neglected, filled with tenants who pay the rent, keep it running, but do little to maintain and renovate. Thats where we come in, to restore this home to a fun, cool, and eco friendly modern home. The basic idea is to install solar electricity, harvest rain […]