And its spring again..

So finally it Spring again, and time to get the garden cleaned up and ready for Summer. First up was the hydroponics system, which after months of producing an almost endless supply of tomatoes, herbs and lettuce, was in desperate need of a good cleaning. The water was starting to get really dirty, with algae […]

Back Garden Update

Its been a busy few months getting the back garden ready for summer, which will soon be upon us. The back garden has been filled with water wise and indigenous aloes, succulents, and other plants and ground covers. Some of the original granite rocks dug up during renovations have been kept and placed around the […]

Bokashi Composting

The newest addition to my home compost family is a Bokashi Home composting kit. What is Bokashi? Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “fermented organic matter”. It is often mistaken for composting but actually its an anaerobic process through fermentation. This process results in a different end product than usually produced by traditional composting. This […]

Urban Farming Update

Its been a while since my last post.. i blame the day job 🙂 but besides the day job i have been hard at work finishing up parts of the house, and most importantly for this post getting the urban farming garden up and running and planting various vegetables and herbs. Its been a fun […]

Introduction to Urban Hydroponics

For my my first Urban Farming post, we are going to be looking at some basic concepts of Urban Hydroponics Farming, and the advantages and disadvantages of using hydroponics over traditional soil based methods for growing herbs and vegetables at home. Definition of Hydroponics from Wikipedia Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, the method of growing […]

Home Composting part 1

Early next year i will begin planting and growing some vegetables and herbs. In preparation for this, i am getting some home compost ready. Creating your own compost at home not only saves money, reduces your waste and puts it to good use, and also reduces your carbon footprint. To start the process i have a small eco bin […]