DIY Solar Pool Heating Part 1

Who doesn’t love a refreshing swim? I certainly do. And although i enjoy a swim in an unheated pool in the middle of summer, the rest of the year its a little too cold to enjoy. And then there is night time swimming. Swimming in a cold pool in the evening, although refreshing, is not […]

Solar Power installation – Part II

In Part 1 we covered the solar panel installation. In this post we will cover the rest of the installation and components of a general home solar setup. Below is a overall picture of all the solar components, excluding the solar panels which are on the roof and which were covered in Part 1. The primary components […]

Solar Power Installation – Part 1

After a long wait and having the solar equipment in storage for about the last 4 months, we finally got to installing the solar panels. Before installing the panels, we needed to get the roof painted with a fresh coat of roof paint, and fix any loose corrugated iron section and fix holes etc. First […]

Solar Equipment

Solar equipment has been delivered and is waiting for installation once everything is ready. We will be using the following equipment: 5K Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 Inverter 4 x 255w Trina Solar Panels 4 x Ritar 12V 260AH Batteries Blue Sol MPPT150/35 Solar Charge Controllers I hope this is going to be enough to run a smallish […]