Back Garden Update

Its been a busy few months getting the back garden ready for summer, which will soon be upon us. The back garden has been filled with water wise and indigenous aloes, succulents, and other plants and ground covers. Some of the original granite rocks dug up during renovations have been kept and placed around the […]

Year 1 update

So it’s been pretty much a year since renovations began. Its been a busy year, with most of the major construction items completed, the solar electricity and rain water collection systems installed and functioning, municipal gas installed, and the back garden mostly completed. Most of the focus over the past few months has been on getting […]

Rain water harvesting – Part III

In Part 2 we looked at setting up the main water tank, the water collection from the roofs, as well as building the main water features for the water filtration. In this post we will cover the sealing and finishing the water features, collecting the rain water from the first summer rains to fill up the pool, […]

Renovations – Back Garden

The back garden of the house has undergone a major transformation. When i got transfer of the house, the back garden was overgrown, full of weeds and drain were blocked. The first step was to cut down the grass and remove all vegetation as there was nothing really worth keeping and with the building and […]

Main house renovation – Lounge update

The last few weeks have seen some good and steady progress. The main house lounge and kitchen area is starting to take shape. There has been major rewiring and re-installation of the entire electrical system, as well as completion of the solar installation. The outside pool and deck area is slowly coming together, and we […]

Cottage Renovations – Dressing Room

Existing bathroom in a small sublet section of the cottage which how now been integrated into the main cottage, so the bathroom is no longer required. The space is to be converted into a dressing room for the cottage bedroom. All the bathroom stuff moved, plumbing removed, drainage closed up, and leaking room repaired. Below is a […]

Cottage Renovations – Kitchen

The cottage kitchen has been totally restyled, refitted and renovated from an old uninspiring kitchen into a fresh clean and modern kitchen. The original cottage kitchen Ripping out the old cupboards and fittings etc Existing tiled floors removed, new elelectrical plugs and fittings installed Existing door way filled, to be converted to kitchen shelving. Existing […]

Main House Renovations

So far most of the attention has been on getting the cottage ready for rental. There will be a separate post on the cottage renovations once the space has been cleaned up. However there has been some work done on the main house Firstly the roof needed a repaint. We started by removing all loose […]

Renovations Month 1

With December holidays and a pretty slow start to the year, things have been a little slow. But renovations are now fully underway, and well the house is pretty much a huge mess. Walls are being knocked down, bathrooms are being redone, plumbing is being fixed up. The house was previously separated into 4 sections, for 4 […]

Renovations day 1

Day 1. The fun part. Ripping out all the old and damp and decaying kitchens and cupboards. Stripping off all curtain rails, wiring, nails and tiles. Breaking through all the old dry walling that used to separate all the areas for all the different tenants. Cleaning up the overgrown garden and removing uneeded greenery. The […]