Old & Made website launch

Its been a while since my last post, but there has been a lot going on at the house. I will do a separate post with updates on the progress at the house, but this post is about the launch of my new online store, called Old & Made, which i have finally managed to […]

Bokashi Composting

The newest addition to my home compost family is a Bokashi Home composting kit. What is Bokashi? Bokashi is a Japanese term meaning “fermented organic matter”. It is often mistaken for composting but actually its an anaerobic process through fermentation. This process results in a different end product than usually produced by traditional composting. This […]

Home Composting part 1

Early next year i will begin planting and growing some vegetables and herbs. In preparation for this, i am getting some home compost ready. Creating your own compost at home not only saves money, reduces your waste and puts it to good use, and also reduces your carbon footprint. To start the process i have a small eco bin […]