Old & Made website launch

Its been a while since my last post, but there has been a lot going on at the house. I will do a separate post with updates on the progress at the house, but this post is about the launch of my new online store, called Old & Made, which i have finally managed to […]

DIY Solar Pool Heating Part 1

Who doesn’t love a refreshing swim? I certainly do. And although i enjoy a swim in an unheated pool in the middle of summer, the rest of the year its a little too cold to enjoy. And then there is night time swimming. Swimming in a cold pool in the evening, although refreshing, is not […]

And its spring again..

So finally it Spring again, and time to get the garden cleaned up and ready for Summer. First up was the hydroponics system, which after months of producing an almost endless supply of tomatoes, herbs and lettuce, was in desperate need of a good cleaning. The water was starting to get really dirty, with algae […]

Back Garden Update

Its been a busy few months getting the back garden ready for summer, which will soon be upon us. The back garden has been filled with water wise and indigenous aloes, succulents, and other plants and ground covers. Some of the original granite rocks dug up during renovations have been kept and placed around the […]

Year 1 update

So it’s been pretty much a year since renovations began. Its been a busy year, with most of the major construction items completed, the solar electricity and rain water collection systems installed and functioning, municipal gas installed, and the back garden mostly completed. Most of the focus over the past few months has been on getting […]

First images

The project starts with old home that has been neglected, filled with tenants who pay the rent, keep it running, but do little to maintain and renovate. Thats where we come in, to restore this home to a fun, cool, and eco friendly modern home. The basic idea is to install solar electricity, harvest rain […]