We should all be more eco-friendly and energy conscious, especially here in South Africa with our troublesome electricity and diminishing water supplies. We live in a country that has an abundance of free solar energy, as well as a lot of free water in the form of rain water.

If we all harvested free rain water and took advantage of the suns free solar energy, we can all become less reliant on government supplied and increasingly costly services, become more eco-friendly, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Obviously this is not for everyone, and most people could not give a damn about their carbon footprint, but there are those people out there who want to make a difference and are interested in being more self efficient and utilizing free and natural energy.

This obviously all comes at a cost, and can be tricky and difficult to implement, but we are going to try and show how it can be done, and will try find cost effective ways to achieve this using a largely DIY approach. We will also be experimenting a little and figure it all out as we go. This is all pretty new to me, its the first time i’m doing this, so there may some mistakes along the way.. but lets see how it goes. I hope to help others to understand how this can be done in their own homes, and hope to show that it can be easily done with a little understanding and planning.

My name is Sean Mcleod. I purchased this home in the beautiful suburb of Melville in Johannesburg, not only as a home, but as a project and experiment in affordable sustainable eco-living. However I also love technology and gadgets and tinkering with all kinds of things, so we will be playing around with some technology and all things cool too. Oh and i also love interior decor and design. This wont be a cabin in the woods style home, but a urban modern retro mid century industrial eco-friendly home. Stay tuned.



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