And its spring again..

So finally it Spring again, and time to get the garden cleaned up and ready for Summer.

First up was the hydroponics system, which after months of producing an almost endless supply of tomatoes, herbs and lettuce, was in desperate need of a good cleaning. The water was starting to get really dirty, with algae and all sorts of other water related issues. So i decided it was best to throw away all the existing plants, which were starting to look a little unhappy after winter, and give the whole system a good clean and start afresh with new seedlings for the new summer season. The entire hydroponics system was scrubbed, cleaned, and washed with watered down bleach to kill all the bacteria. It was then repainted and then reinstalled as shown below. Good and clean and fresh πŸ™‚


Next was the process of planting new seedlings to be transplanted to the hydroponics system once they have grown a little larger. During the winter season i ordered a whole stack of heirloom seeds from Organic Seeds, which have all started to sprout. I have various tomatoes, including Black Pepper tomatoes, Creamy Sausage tomatoes, Golden Nugget tomatoes, as well as Rocket, Mizuna, Spinach, Chives, Lettuce Mix and various others.


Below is a picture of the herb and gardening section which has a custom build automated watering system, which waters the herbs and vegetables when the soil moisture become too dry. More detail on this in a future post.


The back garden has pretty much been completed and ready for the summer boom. The rain water tanks are really low and have required some topping up with municipal water, so the summer rains cannot come soon enough.


And finally, one of the things i wanted to get ready for summer was solar heating for the pool. Its currently only half complete, and eventually will consist of 4 coils instead of the 2 shown below. It will also be moved to another roof which has been painted black and is better positioned to catch the afternoon sun. So basically how this works, is that the water is pumped up onto the roof and is circulated through the black pipes, which slowly heats up the water. Its totally adjustable so you can adjust the amount of water that flows through the pipes, and therefore the temperature. I am not entirely sure how well this will work, but time will tell. More on this in a future post once everything is up and running.


Happy spring πŸ™‚ till next time


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