Urban Farming Update

Its been a while since my last post.. i blame the day job 🙂 but besides the day job i have been hard at work finishing up parts of the house, and most importantly for this post getting the urban farming garden up and running and planting various vegetables and herbs. Its been a fun and interesting experience and i have certainly learn a ton about urban farming. Its a slow process, but also very rewarding when things come together.

Anyway time for some pics.

Firstly below are some basil plants which are thriving in the hydroponics. The basil was planted from seed in traditional seedling trays, and then transplanted to the hydroponic system. The hydroponics system was self made. More on the in a future post. All the little beaded animals are new additions from a recent Easter trip to the eastern cape 🙂

Next are some mint plants grown in a fiber cement planter that was purchased from Weylandts.

The next few images are of various heirloom tomatoes growing in the hydroponics system. The tomatoes are thriving in the hydroponics system and there is currently approximately 90 small tomatoes 🙂

Some of the first almost edible tomatoes 🙂

The pic below shows the tomato plants growing in the hydroponic system. The plants are help up by pieces of string that gently ties the plant to the wall so that its does not collapse.

In the image below is a pretty awesome looking baby heirloom tomato. The string is visible holding the plant up.

I have also planted traditional soil based herbs and vegetables, with a custom made automatic watering system which checks the soil moisture level and waters the plants when required. More on that in a future post.

And finally below is a picture of the full hydroponics system and soil planters.

More about Heirloom plants and seeds

In a nutshell, heirloom seeds are open pollinated seeds/plants that have been handed down from generation to generation – generally a variety that is at least 40-50 years old, is usually no longer available in the commercial seed trade. They often have superior flavor, color or texture for home garden situations but might lack the holding ability (shelf life), uniform colour and shape, disease resistance or early maturity that would make them commercially viable. These seeds can be purchased online or from certain nurseries and stores. Just look our for the mention of heirloom on the packaging.

Some of the local online dealers for heirloom seeds are as follows:

Organic Seeds

Living Seeds


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