Year 1 update

So it’s been pretty much a year since renovations began. Its been a busy year, with most of the major construction items completed, the solar electricity and rain water collection systems installed and functioning, municipal gas installed, and the back garden mostly completed.

Most of the focus over the past few months has been on getting the outside garden and rain water system up and running. Not too much has been done inside, but below are some pictures of the lounge area. The inside and decor etc will receive more attention this year now that the outside is mostly complete. Some pictures of the inside below.

Outside, the side alley way of the house which is shown below will be a major focus for this year. This areas will be transformed into a vertical vegetable and herb garden with automated watering systems which will be custom built.


Below are some other pictures of the outside garden area. We will also be raising the wall around the pool with horizontal metal strips to give more privacy, as well as building up the succulent garden and finishing off some of the unfinished areas.

One of the last things that was completed at the end of 2016 was the municipal gas installation and installation of the gas geyser which will eventually replace the current electric geyser (which is the last appliance to use Eskom power). Pictures below. All the water plumbing still needs to be completed to the gas geyser which will done shortly. The municipal gas installation was completed by High Speed Gas.

Also one of the main focuses of this year will be on home monitoring and home automation, using custom build sensor controllers and the  Internet of things. In a nutshell the house contain a number of sensors, e.g. temperature and soil moisture sensors, which will be connected to the internet for online viewing and well as sending out notifications, e.g. send a notification if the tank level gets below a certain threshold. More details to come soon.

So whats happening in 2017:

  • Finishing the municipal gas installation
  • Moving from a electric geyser to a gas geyser
  • Finally getting the gas oven connected
  • Getting the vegetable and herb vertical garden up and running
  • Installing a custom automated vegetable and herb garden watering system
  • Home automation via the Internet of Things
  • Solar pool heating
  • and much more

Stay tuned!



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