Renovations – Back Garden

The back garden of the house has undergone a major transformation. When i got transfer of the house, the back garden was overgrown, full of weeds and drain were blocked. The first step was to cut down the grass and remove all vegetation as there was nothing really worth keeping and with the building and renovation process about to get under way anything would have been destroyed anyway.


All the grass was finally removed and the garden stripped down to the bare basics.


The other side of the garden which was once 2 bed-roomed cottage, which will eventually be a workshop, rain water tank room, outdoor shower and rain water filtration system.


Trenches for storm water drainage being dug. Just after digging the trenched we realized the pool has to go over the trench, so that was wasted effort. oops. These things happen 🙂


The new perimeter wall being built. Most of the existing wall had to be broken down and rebuild as it was falling over due to bad foundations.


The new and plastered wall with a build in seating area, which will still need some work later on. We just needed the basic structure to build the deck around.


Breaking down the unwanted sections of the existing house. The outdoor toilet, the extended part of the kitchen that was no longer required, as well as some of the existing “cottage” were all removed.and reduced to a big pile of rubble.


After all the rubble was finally removed, the pool was put in place.


Then the decking was put in place.


The finished decking, and the outside section starting to take shape.


The outside deck section at night, starting to look good. The perimeter wall still needs to made higher, but we will be using metal/wood strips instead of bricks.


The other side of the back garden. The tricky and important job of making sure all the rain water drainage works properly and can handle the rain water coming from the neighbor, as well as from all around the house to flow into my other neighbors yard. We also installed additional pipes in the neighbors yard to run the water into the street. This drainage also covers the overflow from the main rain water tank, which will be covered in a future post.


And finally after the perimeter wall was painted. Still need to get the salt pool up and running, finish off the built in seating, extend the height of the wall, as well as start putting in some plants and greenery. We will be using almost entirely indigenous plants and greenery.

Back Garden


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