Main house renovation – Lounge update

The last few weeks have seen some good and steady progress. The main house lounge and kitchen area is starting to take shape. There has been major rewiring and re-installation of the entire electrical system, as well as completion of the solar installation. The outside pool and deck area is slowly coming together, and we started collecting out first bit of rain water. Thankfully we caught which may be the last if the summer rains. More on the solar and outside section later, for now we going to cover the lounge area.

First, the picture below was just after the old pressed ceilings were removed and before the dividing room was removed and wiring replaced.


The pic below shows the diving wall between the open plan lounge and bedroom side of the house being installed. This is to isolate the open plan section from the rest of the house, and to hide the geysers etc which sit on the other side of the wall. Some of the old electrical wiring had not yet been removed.The rafters also required some major reworking and cleaning up etc to be visually consistent and spacing equalized etc.


The picture below shows the ceiling insulation being installed. This is to keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Without insulation the lounge would be very hot from the corrugated iron roof, and very cold over winter.

The insulation panels had to be installed in individual blocks, each one sized for the area it was fitted for, as it each area was slightly different sizes. All existing electrical wiring had been been removed, and new wiring, which is now well hidden, installed.


The insulation we used is a type of aluminium foil bubble wrap. Below is my dad making up the insulation blocks for installation.


Once the insulation was complete, the ceiling boards were installed over the insulation for the final ceiling finish. Again my dad and his guys hard at work 🙂 3mm Supawood has been used for the ceiling. It will all eventually all get painted.


Below is a view from the other direction. Ceiling boards still being installed. Some beautiful afternoon light coming in.


Below.. the ceiling just about complete.


New Bosca wood combustion fireplace (below)  waiting to get installed.. oh and get a chimney. The fireplace is from Builders Warehouse.. Cant wait to get this fired up during the upcoming winter months.


And finally, below, what will be the kitchen one day, with the new folding doors which will open up onto the deck and pool area. The light fitting is an old industrial light from the awesome Grant Hotel Antiques, with red decorative wiring from HoiPloy, a really cool (but pricey) online lighting and accessory store.



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