Main house – Renovation update

With the cottage complete, the main focus has shifted to the main house. Breaking down walls, new doors and windows, brand new electrical wiring and solar installation being the main focus areas. Building rubble (argh!) is everywhere 😦

Firstly new industrial windows being installed in the lounge and kitchen area.


New windows from the outside.


Existing part of the old kitchen has been removed to make more garden space.


A new folding door will be installed.


Same kitchen section from the inside looking out. Outside area will have a wooden deck and small swimming pool. And eventually a rain water purification water systems and water features.


The rest of the back garden, which is pretty much just rubble at the moment from breaking down some of the unneeded section in the garden.This section will eventually have the water features and water purification system , as well as a rain water outdoor shower.



Yikes.. lotsa rubble.


The main rain water tank area is slowly starting take shape. Gutters for collecting the rain water will be installed soonest to hopefully catch some end of summer rain.


And back inside, the diving wall between the lounge and kitchen is starting to come down, starting with the chimney, and then eventually the rest of the wall in the next few days.


And then the existing front door area being modified to accommodate another parked car. Steel beams will be installed to support the concrete roof slab and to add to the modern industrial look of the house.


Again special thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project.. especially my Dad and his guys for all the hard work!!


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