Main House Renovations

So far most of the attention has been on getting the cottage ready for rental. There will be a separate post on the cottage renovations once the space has been cleaned up.

However there has been some work done on the main house

Firstly the roof needed a repaint. We started by removing all loose paint from the corrugated iron roof with a high pressure water hose to strip off the old and pealing paint. The hose was rented from Talisman Tool Hire.

Once all the loose paint was removed and the roof left to dry, galvanized iron primer was painted in the section which had exposed galvanized iron. The primer is to ensure that the roof paint sticks to the galvanised iron and does not peal off easily. This is essential if you want a long life paint job on the roof especially as its constantly exposed to the sun and rain etc. Lucky is the guy in the picture, one of my main helpers who has been a great help.


Once the primer is dry, which ideally is about 1 full day, the roof paint was applied. For the roof paint we went for Plascon Nuroof Cool. Apparently this paint keeps you home about 8 degrees cooler than normal roof paint. Could be marketing nonsense, who knows, but it sounded good, and should hope fully help keep the home cooler in summer, especially since the ceilings in the lounge and kitchen are being removed.


As for inside the main house, in the current lounge and kitchen section (which will eventually be become one room once the dividing wall is taken down), we decided to take down some of the pressed ceilings to expose the rafters and open up the area. It was a tough decision to remove these pressed ceilings, however i want an open plan and open air mid century modern styled lounge, and modern industrial kitchen area. All original pressed ceilings in the bedrooms, passage, toilet and bathroom will be retained and restored. All removed pressed ceilings will be recycled, donated, sold etc.


The lounge area. The main wall in the background by the ladder will be taken down to open up into the kitchen. A structural engineer has been consulted to assist with the structural impact of removing major walls and inserting larger industrial windows etc.


The kitchen area below which will eventually be part of the lounge. All electrical wiring etc will be totally redone and rewired, so as not to be visible, and to comply with electrical compliance standards etc. All electrical work is being done by Michael at Green Line Electrical.


Also, we have started installing some of the solar equipment. The Solar Invertor has been installed inside the solar cupboard. The solar panels and batteries will be installed in the next week or so, and the invertor will be hooked up by the electrician when all the wiring is redone.


The outside garden and perimeter wall work has begun. The will be a new perimeter wall and the garden will be transformed into an uber cool wooden pool deck, with  water features and a rain water purification system.

Back Garden

Again special thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project, and special thanks to my two excellent and skilled main guys, Nicholas and Art.. you guys are much appreciated!!


(pic taken at Orlando towers in Soweto)


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