Renovations Month 1

With December holidays and a pretty slow start to the year, things have been a little slow. But renovations are now fully underway, and well the house is pretty much a huge mess. Walls are being knocked down, bathrooms are being redone, plumbing is being fixed up. The house was previously separated into 4 sections, for 4 different tenants. Each section had its own geyser, and a maze of plumbing and drainage pipes in the walls, outside the walls, and in the ceiling. These were all badly done, blocked, clocked, and well pretty much a complete mess.

Each section also has its own electricity meter, so the electrics are another messy spaghetti maze, but that’s a job for another day.

We have also been preparing the room and areas for the rain water collection tanks, and well as the cupboard area for the solar equipment and batteries etc. Also digging trenches for proper storm water and general water drainage which is currently a big problem and causing some damp issues. With proper drainage as well as collecting pretty much all the rain water from all the roofs, the damp issues should be largely eliminated.

Some pictures are below. Special thanks to everyone thats been involved so far. My dad and his team who are doing most of the hard work, and my mums and my brother who have all done their part and for that i am truly thankful.

Old wall and new wall foundations
Cottage outside area
Cottage lounge and bathroom
Cottage bathroom and soon to be dressing room. Major piping, drainage, damp and roof leak issues.
Main house stripped down kitchen with major damp damage from leaking shower.
Outside drainage trench for storm water and general drainage
Rainwater tank room
Solar cupboard to hold solar batteries and other solar equipment

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